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About TotalVet

TotalVet is an innovative new program aimed at the progressive cattle vet. The software has been developed by the unprecedented combination of RCVS Recognised Specialist cattle vets working in collaboration with expert programmers with an in-depth knowledge of the dairy industry.

TotalVet offers the unrivalled combination of reliable data analysis integrated with a reporting system, minimising the time wasted in collation and formatting of reports.

Quality Milk Management Services

Quality Milk Management Services was founded in 2005 by Dr Andrew Bradley, a RCVS Recognised Specialist in Cattle Health and Production. QMMS offers services to all aspects of the dairy industry, both in the UK and overseas, from vets and farmers to the pharmaceutical industry. Services offered include milk recording, bacteriology and bulk tank analyses, backed by evidence based advice from a strong research background.

Sum-IT Computer Systems

Sum-IT Computer Systems was founded in 1981 and offers affordable and practical agricultural software to farmers throughout the UK and overseas. Sum-IT offers a complete range of highly functional and integrated programs covering all aspects of the farm business from dairy herd management to accounts and payroll. These are continuously developed and automatically updated in the context of legislative and industry developments.